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Just in case you can or have an idea....
We are looking for ideas on apparel, feel free to reach out to our facebook page and let us know. facebook - Red Lion Youth Soccer Club

FREE SOCCER FOR YOUR CHILD AND FREE CERTIFICATION FOR YOU AS A COACH  - Want your child who is 6 years old and below to play for free?  Want to learn to coach and grow with your child to become a soccer star?  It's truly a outstanding opportunity with fun galore with the little ones! No experience needed and you will be trained and mentored, you have nothing to lose but time with your child in the spotlight!

Thinking of being a coach?
To become a leader for the kids, a superhero of sorts, reach out to us to find out how to take on this role. Don't second guess yourselves, we can train and mentor you to be successful. This is a great opportunity to grow with your child and to grow your leadership skills, most of our coaches have work with their child and together they have become closer and become better coaches,  leaders and teachers. NO SOCCER EXPERIENCE? Not a problem, Red Lion Soccer has many years of being a leader in York County, allow us to train you and mentor. Other benefits come with this role, reach out to me and find out how easy this can be! You got this Coach!

Forest Burke

Driving on fields
We strongly advise and ask for folks to not drive onto the fields, it will cause erosion, create ruts which can cause children to twist an ankle or worse. Also for the safety of the children who may be walking around or playing, remember they will play and run with plenty of faith in you but we ask that you put more faith in just being safe and parking in the parking lot. Thanks for understanding*** Our concession stand personal may be driving to the stand to bring supplies and we sometimes have a person going down to the shed side of the building to bring or pick up supplies.***
If you have cleats, shin guards or other equip in good condition that your player has outgrown please contact Lloyd Faller or Forest Burke to donate them to the club for other children in need.
We are trying to rebuild our supply and have limited things to hand out at this time.

Meeting Minutes